Kamis, September 23, 2010


have long felt no posts on this blog. now I try to post about the review of the film in America by title "THE AMERICAN. It would try to lift once the movie Jason Bourne or James Bond-style action movie with a complicated sequence. as I read this movie lead into action movies, the best scenes in this years movie revolves around the relationship between George Clooney and Violante Placido, an effective and charismatic as a prostitute who falls in love with him. Campaign ads and photographs of the production gives one the impression that George Clooney took on the role in movies such as Liam Neeson doing awesome powerful thriller "Taken" was released in 2008.

if we have seen so far foreign films especially western movies are not far away from sex, then instead of that not all foreign films or west can be seen by the child who became ill as a result ..

ok we are back again to the film THE AMERICAN. in this film is one of the best films this year also snagged a definite nostalgic scenes can be watched by the adults.

and this film we can also watch it online, do not necessarily have to hire a cd (not the underwear) or go kebisokop. at a site online movie watch latest movie provides a lot of movies can we watch it online either at home or office, in cafes or anywhere. This site gives us a little relief and does not need to be merogo pocket in the inside to go kebisokop. I hope this article useful.

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