Jumat, September 24, 2010


in the era of an increasingly modern and sophisticated is the more advanced electronic technologies that are better produced by each country. now it's not just computer pc's all there. even laptop computers and also the car is also already exist on today. as we know even mobile phone technology is not inferior to the computer.

today's technological advances is certainly very desirable by all, but due to advanced electronic progress has also not ruled out that the crime the more advanced cyber crime as well. will progress as if the computer (teknlogi) is running concurrently.

car computer also known as GPS, which can track distance and the existence of the car. GPS also helps us in preventing the theft of the car more lively which is today. so nothing wrong if we follow the technological advances that exist today because it all could help us all. both at work and our day-to-day needs. not only that, the more sophisticated coputer even we can find a keyboard and mouse wrieless srick a distance up to 10m. pretty much right? It is today's technology strengths


Kamis, September 23, 2010


holiday season just finished, but it's never too late to travel and vacation. everybody needs entertainment and refreshing, well this is one of the sites that offer vacation and traveling to the island of the gods with a fairly low cost. in addition we also can order cheap plane tickets and lodging ( hotel ) with online reservations. trouble ticket so we need to bother to have to go to ticketing agents but we can order plane tickets and lodging retreat by online site.

we can also perform a transaction at any time. save enough time right? for lovers can travel straight to the online site. as we know, a holiday in Bali is also very beautiful, to be with family, coworkers, colleagues and anyone else playing what we want. is still quite expensive in Bali cost of fire balanced with what we can on the island of the gods.

island of the gods in addition to entertainment venues are also very friendly person friendly (not diligent in touch). in bali also we can meet with the diverse people from various countries. ride they're on vacation or who have an advanced Indonesian citizens. never too late for our vacation to the island of gods.



have long felt no posts on this blog. now I try to post about the review of the film in America by title "THE AMERICAN. It would try to lift once the movie Jason Bourne or James Bond-style action movie with a complicated sequence. as I read this movie lead into action movies, the best scenes in this years movie revolves around the relationship between George Clooney and Violante Placido, an effective and charismatic as a prostitute who falls in love with him. Campaign ads and photographs of the production gives one the impression that George Clooney took on the role in movies such as Liam Neeson doing awesome powerful thriller "Taken" was released in 2008.

if we have seen so far foreign films especially western movies are not far away from sex, then instead of that not all foreign films or west can be seen by the child who became ill as a result ..

ok we are back again to the film THE AMERICAN. in this film is one of the best films this year also snagged a definite nostalgic scenes can be watched by the adults.

and this film we can also watch it online, do not necessarily have to hire a cd (not the underwear) or go kebisokop. at a site online movie watch latest movie provides a lot of movies can we watch it online either at home or office, in cafes or anywhere. This site gives us a little relief and does not need to be merogo pocket in the inside to go kebisokop. I hope this article useful.